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  • Tyler Fox
    This business has excellent products. The team who works there is very knowledgeable with any questions you may have regarding automobiles. Zac Fleisher was extremely helpful in narrowing my car search. A very high energy salesman! Will absolutely be back!
  • Snowflake Ramsey
    This place is a great place to go for a car. They helped me and figured out what they needed to make sure I went home with a car that day. I am greatly Happy that I went to u guys. Keep up the great work 🙂
  • Sean Narrigan
    Had one of the best car shopping experiences ever here. They had a wide variety of cars to choose from and the service was excellent. Salesman Zachary F. really showed he cared and wanted me to find exactly what i was looking for. Definitely recommend if you are searching for a new ride.
  • Nicholle Christison
    The staff is very friendly and courteous. Answered all my questions, and I didn’t feel pressured to buy! Really easy to work with. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for the right car to fit their budget.
  • Lisa Morgan
    My husband and I purcharsed two cars here and we are very happy with them. The salesperson, Zac was knowledgable, polite and professional. The dealership itself is well run with a great showroom. We did not use the financing, but I have friends who have and they were able to get a great deal. I highly recommend Platinum if you are looking for a reliable car and excellent service!
  • Jessica Foltz
    I had problems at other dealerships & thought for sure I couldn't get a new car, but I was assured I could & I did with no problems at all at platinum preowned!!
  • Ezra Ahlgren
    They have an upbeat and positive attitude and are willing to work with you to get you the best deal you can. Derek Novak was very helpful and informative he made the whole process comfortable and easy.
  • Anthony Santoro
    The customer service at Platinum is excellent. I was greeted as soon as I walked in. They have a nice selection of cars and SUVs for sale. I saw quite a few vehicles I am interested in. I would recommend Platinum to anyone who is looking for a nice pre owned car!
  • Amanda Snyder
    Had an amazing experience here. Leigh helped to get into a van I desperately needed with a down payment and monthly payments that are in my budget. They were all very helpful and I would recommend this place to others.
  • Alex Epps-Ortiz
    My visit to Platinum Preowned was everything I thought it would be. I have a great experience and Zac Fleisher was a great help. If I ever need a new car, they would be the first place I would visit. I would recommend them to any person who wants to buy a pre owned car and wants to go somewhere where everyone is so friendly and helpful.